Country Music’s Taylor Swift Problem

On Monday afternoon, the Country Music Association sent out a tweet to its half a million followers, asking, “What do you think @taylorswift13 has up her sleeve?!” Taylor Swift, one of the biggest stars country music has ever produced, had reserved time on the online platforms of Yahoo! and ABC…


Father/daughter vibes, on-screen and off. The Giver is out TODAY!!


Sara has her new friend Natalie over in an all new episode of “Ew!” 

Shake It Off on iTunes


Thank you guys for making today unforgettable.(!!!!!!) #1989 



We did it at the end of rehearsals, we were talking about it the night before. She was really generous and I was staying at her house (Taylor’s LA house) for a couple of months because I was doing construction on mine and we wanted to see how we can give back and we thought that would be a really fun way. And so we did it at the end of rehearsals and it was actually perfect because it was boiling hot out.
-Jamie King on doing the ASL Ice Bucket Challenge with Taylor Swift (x)

I feel like because I was signed to an indie label [Big Machine] and was able to make all my own creative decisions—write songs with whom I wanted to write, pick which songs ended up on the record, pick the singles, pick what I wear, what events I go to, where I perform and what I perform and how I perform—when you’re given that much freedom there’s not that much to rebel against.
-Taylor Swift talking about not feeling the need to rebel (x)

Taylor’s stage for the VMAs

It’s hard to say which time he’s talking about. He’s one of the most charismatic people I know, so he doesn’t need much help. But, you know, any time that I can be a good bro-friend, I’m there to step up to the plate. He’s one of my best friends, and honestly the most talented person that I know. I feel very lucky to have him in my life.
-Taylor on being a wing-man for Ed (x)